The day I became a psychic

When I was a school boy there was this cake that every kid used to eat called Bollycao.

There were two things that made this cake special:

  • A sweet bread stuffed with hazelnut chocolate.
  • A random sticker to collect and trade.

If you were really lucky, instead of a regular trading sticker you could get a special sticker that you could trade for a prize. A skate for instance.

One day, as I was ready to open my Bollycao, I thought to myself: “I wish I could get a prize sticker…Please, let there be a prize inside!“

And there it was! One of the lucky stickers!

This was the first and only time I got a prize in Bollycao. Probably the only time I got a prize in anything else…

Now, for the actual prize: It was a t-shirt. Yes, a stupid t-shirt!
I guess I should have been more specific about my wish…

In the end I didn’t even manage to trade the sticker for the actual stupid t-shirt! But that was the least of my worries…

I had just found out I was a psychic.